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  προσωρινή και ασφαλή επιδιόρθωση φουσκωτών θαλάμων
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  The TubeSeal is an innovation in the temporary and safe repair of a potential rip on the inflatable tubes.
  The wide range of uses and the rapidity of its application along with the security it provides, make the TubeSeal a necessary and indispensable tool for a well-organised inflatable boat skipper. Who wants to be fully-equiped to cope with the unexpected.

A possible rip on the inflatable tube because of either a sharp item at the mooring places, or because of rocky formations, or floated items, or clumsy handlings can be faced now, ensuring the inflatable boat enthusiasts that they will carry on with their activities safely.

The TubeSeal can be applied to all kinds of inflatable boats and liferafts.

The TubeSeal is provided in three sizes fitted the rip size: the large one is up to 16.5cm, the medium one is up to 10.5cm and finally the smaller one fixes an up to 6.5cm rip.

After the use and the final repair of the damage the tube seal can be stored and
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