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Βήμα 1
  1. Select the appropriate size TubeSeal considering the tear:
-The small size covers up to 6,5cm
-The middle size covers up to 10,5cm
-The large size covers up to 16,5 cm


Βήμα 1
  2. Screw the pin (Α) on the opening of the metal spigot (Ε) of the selected TubeSea. Unscrew the wing not fully (Β) and get out the top of the TubeSeal (C).


Βήμα 1
  3. After you put the safety line at your wrist, insert the stuff (D) into the tear. With the help of the pin (A) turn it rightwise so that it can be placed under the torn area.
Βήμα 1
Βήμα 1
  4. Guide the TubeSeal top (C) with the help of the metal spigot (Ε) until it fits to the TubeSeal itself (D). Afterwards, screw the wing nut (Β) strongly by hand. Finally, remove the pin (A) and inflate the chamber.
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